For those individuals with the most severe disabilities, three watercraft and a minimum of six volunteers support each individual on and in the water.  After being custom fit into a sit-down cage on a custom sit-ski, the skier is carefully placed in the water with at least one volunteer with them in the water at all times.  A “starter” will support the skier in the water and drag behind the skier as they are being towed out of the water to ensure they get a clean start.  Two volunteers on a PWC are within a few feet beside the skier as they take off, one of them (“rescue” volunteer) ready to jump in and support the skier at the first sign of a fall.  The “starter” volunteer then gets into the Chase Boat and follows behind to repeat the process should the skier fall during their two trips around Boulder Reservoir.

We also accommodate advanced sit skiers (no “starter” or “rescue” needed) as well as stand-up slalom and wakeboarders.  Our goal is to advance each skier to their maximum potential.

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