EXPAND Beyond Background

Jim Ziegler started the adaptive water ski program in Boulder, Colorado at the Boulder Reservoir in June of 1983 using his own boat a hand full of volunteers and equipment he purchased. Participants were contacted through his business, Medco Supply in Boulder Colorado. Jim had been involved with the adaptive snow skiing program in Winter Park Colorado and heard about a water ski program in California. He sent one of his employees to California to check out the program and find suppliers of the equipment.

The City of Boulder began supporting the program through their EXPAND program (EXcitng Programs and New Dimensions) in 1988. The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department’s EXPAND Program still coordinates the program, but due to citywide financial shortfalls has been forced to seek out alternative funding sources to support the program.  EXPAND Beyond, Inc. was formed to provide financial support for equipment for the adaptive waterski program at Boulder Reservoir and augment the City of Boulder’s financial support.  EXPAND Beyond, Inc. achieved 501(c)(3) status in March 2007.  Jim Ziegler is still very much involved with the program and is on the board of EXPAND Beyond.